In a way we are all warriors of everyday stress, whether we’re constantly dealing with our demanding bosses, managing a business/employees, after that extreme workout or just trying our best at cramming as much material as we can for that important exam; we are all relentlessly fighting against a formidable enemy to our mind and body, STRESS. As good of a warrior we are, we sometimes succumb to stress and that’s when we start feeling our battle wounds (muscular pain). Valhalla is a haven for fallen warrior in Norse mythology, let Valhalla be a haven for you to take time for yourself to relax and let us relieve you of your muscular discomforts and be better tooled to battle again with our post therapy consultations. Valhalla is really about taking time for you and being fully relaxed.

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Our Mission

After just one visit, you’ll feel more relaxed and a diminuation in muscular pain.

Our History

Bristol Cote is member of the “Réseau des Massothérapeutes Professionnels du Québec” (RMPQ). He is a Massothérapeute Clinicien MQ, Certified Orthotherapist, Kinesiotherapist and Massage  Therapist. He trained at the Académie de Massage Scientifique of Montreal.

Orthotherapy works on the deep postural muscles and Kinesiotherapy is a passive movement-based technique that aims to eliminate muscular pain and restoring the muscle’s full amplitude in movement.

Mastering the following massage techniques: Swedish, Sportive Massage, Biocorporel Massage, Muscular Decongestion, Deep Tissue,  “Taping” Neuro-Proprioceptive, Lymphatic Drainage, Vacuotherapy, Fascias Therapy, Temporomandibular Massage.

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